Submission Information

Poster abstract submission is now OPEN. Submissions close 30th June 2017.

Click here to submit your abstract

Please note your abstract may also be selected as a mini oral presentation in the conference program.


Means of Submission - Online

By clicking on the link above, you will be taken to a web page where you can cut and paste your abstract in several simple steps. The benefits of this system are many but include:

Allowing you to preview your abstract and make modifications to your satisfaction.

Ensuring you know your lodgement is completed as you will receive an immediate email confirmation

Ensuring accurate indexing of all authors in the abstract book

Ensuring consistent presentation of all abstracts in the proceedings (overarching formatting is imposed).


* Firstly, you will be asked to acknowledge and understand that for your abstract to be accepted you must be a registered and fully paid delegate. You must also consent to your abstract being published.

* You will then be asked to provide some keywords to assist in categorisation of your abstract.

* Depending on the conference, you may be asked to supply extra information. For example, “Would you like to be considered for a poster or oral presentation award?”

* Next, you will able to cut and paste or type the title of your abstract in.

* The next screen will ask you to input the authors, organisations and indicate the presenting author by ticking the box.

* After that, you will be able type or cut and paste your abstract text in. Please ensure the abstract is no more than the above mentioned word limit. (Does not include title, authoring or cited references)

* Finally you will be asked to view your abstract to check you have entered it correctly. When satisfied, you will be able to finalise your abstract submission and return to your profile.


* Ensure you using one of the following browsers

INTERNET EXPLORER (ver 5.5 or newer)

NETSCAPE (ver 7.4 or newer)

* Alert for Mac Users, if you are having trouble submitting your abstract, try submitting from a PC. If you are still having trouble, please contact the secretariat.

* Alert for Mozilla users, the security policy in Mozilla often precludes the pasting from the clipboard without using the menu commands. You can still cut and paste your abstract into the submission; you will have to use the menu command rather than ‘control v’ shortcut.

* Is your abstract text less than 350 words? – It will not allow you to paste larger submissions. The word count does NOT include your title, authoring or cited references

* Have you got your abstract open and running on your own computer? – You need to be able to cut and paste it onto the web.

* Have you got an image in your abstract? This conference is NOT accepting images.

* Have you got a table in your abstract? This conference is NOT accepting tables.


As long as you haven't filled your own email address incorrectly, you will get an immediate confirmation of your abstract being submitted.


Should you wish to make changes to your abstract after you have submitted it, please log into your online registration dashboard. Click the button “manage” for the conference you would like to edit the abstract for. Under the abstract heading you will be able to view, edit or submit a new abstract.


Notification of programming decisions will come from the secretariat shortly after the expiry of deadlines and the working program will be posted to the web site. The notification will include specific presentation instructions but in the interim, those preparing posters should note the maximum size allowed is 100cm wide by 120cm high (portrait). Velcro will be available to fix the poster to the boards. Computer data projection is the preferred presentation method for orals.